The Freak Makes History!

There have been two no-hitters thrown in MLB this season, and Tim Lincecum has been involved in both. After falling to Cincinnati during Homer Bailey’s no-no last month, Big Time Timmy Jim made his own history for the first time last night in San Diego.

Here are recounts of Tim’s epic night from Andrew Baggarly and Alex Pavlovic. 

I missed the first few innings of this game, but picked it up at 4-0 in the 4th. Even then, Lincecum was already making me gasp. Stealing strikes with his curve, getting hitters to chase his darting split-change, painting the corners with his fastball… he literally had his full arsenal in this one. I said in the 6th inning that his pitch count was getting a little high for a realistic chance to go the distance. But the Giants blew the game open, and Lincecum came back with a very quick 7th inning. That’s about when it set in for me that he could do it.

Tim’s stuff has been pretty electric for about a month now, but until last night he only had one win to show for it. The Giants’ defense was mostly a spectator last night, as the Freak sent down 13 Padres by way of the strikeout. But when he needed his teammates to save the game, they were there. Pablo ranging into foul territory to field a grounder, then throwing a seed across the diamond to end the 7th. Pence darting in for the shoe-string catch to preserve the no-no in the 8th. It really was a team effort last night.

Looking forward, I still think it’ll take something unexpected for Lincecum to be a Giant next year, but with performances like that, I just can’t see the team parting ways with him until the offseason, despite his increasing value.

It seems like ages since Lincecum was the best pitcher in the game… thanks for reminding us what it felt like last night, Tim. 



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