Trending in the Right Direction

After Thursday night’s win in San Diego, I made the comment that it had to feel good for the team’s soul. If that’s the case, then last night’s 10-1 Padre beat-down might’ve just helped the Giants remember what it felt like to be a baseball power again. For the first time since June 18-19, the Giants have won consecutive games. Baggs called it a winning streak in his postgame wrap, but I still follow the words of the skipper Lou Brown in Major League; three wins make a winning streak. Still, the last couple nights have to be a real confidence booster for a team that’s really been lacking its swagger lately.

A couple things from last night’s game:

  1. Buster Posey is crazy. The guy grounds into a double play with runners on first and second to kill a rally in one AB, then drives in five runs for the game. He had both a 5-hit and 5-RBI game during the workweek alone.
  2. Jose Mirajes changed the game with 8 pitches. If you didn’t see it, Gaudin walked the bases loaded to start the 6th. Mijares entered the game with no outs and a 5-1 lead that was anything but safe. He proceeded to go pop-out/strikeout/strikeout, and the Fathers never threatened again.
  3. Kensuke Tanaka is a saavy son of a gun. The guy just plays the game the right way. He pulled a fast one on the basepaths in the 7th that changed the game. Caught in a rundown between 2nd and 3rd, he wisely turned back into the San Diego defender, who was called for interference. Tanaka was awarded 3rd, and the Giants opened the floodgates soon after.
  4. 10 runs on 17 hits? Dang Giants, save some for the next three weeks.



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