Mid-Season Top Prospects Update: 11-40

As we get ready to dive into the Top 10 of the Giants’ mid-season prospects list, I just wanted to take a minute to catch up. It’s been really fun digging into the system and studying up on these guys. For an organization that is ranked so low, there sure is a deep pool of talent in the low minors, especially on the pitching side. I ranked what I felt were the best 40, but it could have easily been 50 and I’d still have a hard time leaving some guys off. I’ll say this. Fans may not like what they’re hearing about guys like Gary Brown and Heath Hembree in Fresno, but wait a year, maybe two and there’ll be some serious talent getting ready to impact the club in San Fran. Sure, many and most of these guys won’t have significant major league careers, but there’s absolutely no way that ALL of them will fizzle out. There are just too many talented players building up in the system. If things go well, Sabean and Co. could look like geniuses again around 2015 or so.

I thought I should mention a few players who I either a) missed completely, or b) wasn’t sure if they still counted as prospects: Eric Surkamp, Keury Mella, Jesus Galindo (whose speed earned him a trip to the Future’s game this weekend!), Juan Perez, Mason McVay, Eduardo Encinosa, Matt Duffy.

Here’s a list of the guys we’ve looked at on this list so far. As always, comments are welcome and very appreciated.

11. Adalberto Mejia

12. Mike Kickham

13. Josh Osich

14. Christian Arroyo

15. Francisco Peguero

16. Roger Kieschnick

17. Edwin Escobar

18. Shilo McCall

19. Nathanael Javier

20. Stephen Johnson

21A. Bryce Bandilla

21B. Adam Duvall

22. Angel Villalona

23. Ryder Jones

24. Ty Blach

25. Joan Gregorio

26. Cody Hall

27. Chris Heston

28. Jarrett Parker

29. Brian Ragira

30. Steven Okert

31. Tyler Hollick

32. Kendry Flores

33. Nick Vander Tuig

34. Ehire Adrianza

35. Dan Slania

36. Chris Marlowe

37. Tyler Mizenko

38. Ricky Oropesa

39. Leo Fuentes

40. Chuckie Jones


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