Giants No-Hit in Cincy


What do you say when a team whose aspirations include making the playoffs and winning a third World Series title in four years comes into a game with almost no confidence at the plate and looking to right the ship, then promptly gets no-hit? “Wow,” is about all I can come up with. Homer Bailey is a guy who’s always had a ton of promise, and he put it all together with a no-hit effort at the end of last season…but before tonight, I would not have called him an elite pitcher. Tonight, though, he joined a very special fraternity, throwing his second career no-hitter (a 3-2 fastball off the inside corner to Blanco is all that kept him from from a perfect game). The Giants did not make solid contact against Bailey all night, and I had a nasty feeling in the pit of my stomach when he came out in the 9th still showing 97 on the radar.

If losing 3 of 4 at home to last-place Miami, getting swept in Dodger Stadium to the last-place Bums, or falling below .500 to the Rockies isn’t enough to wake this team up, then surely getting no-hit by the team you eliminated from the NLDS will get some fire under the Giants’ bellies. If it doesn’t, this team may not have the heart I thought it did.

Still enough time to split this series and save a little face. This, however, is a night that belongs to Homer Bailey, and one we would all like to forget.


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