Giants/Dodgers: Welcome to “Puig-a-mania”

The Giants hit the road (again) tonight to renew their National Puig West rivalry with the Victory Dodgers in LA.  The Dodgers were supposed to be one of the Puig’s best teams entering the season… that hasn’t happened. However, Yasiel Puig (pronounced Ya-seal Pweeg) has happened. In a first half that’s seen some pretty sweet call-ups (Gerrit Cole, Mike Zunino, Zack Wheeler, Wil Myers), Puig may be the most talented of them all. The only thing the talented Cuban outfielder hasn’t done on a diamond is snare a pitch from mid-air, toss the ball up to himself and club it 500 feet.

Seriously, it would behoove the Giants to keep Puig-a-mania under wraps, if at all possible. The Dodgers are playing better than their 32-42 record would let on, while the Giants haven’t exactly overcome their road woes. We’ll see some solid pitching matchups, with Bumgarner and Ryu going tonight and a Cy Young pitchoff of Lincecum and Kershaw in the series finale on Wednesday. There’s a very good chance Mike Kickham will return to make his second big league start tomorrow night in place of the banged-up Chad Gaudin. Kickham is probably a downgrade from Gaudin at this point, but he just looked so good missing pitches off the corner in Oakland, so this could be an entertaining series.  

Some positives for the Giants: Pablo is back at the hot corner tonight, and the Dodgers are still incredibly good at losing. I’m guessing we find a way to win this series.        


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