240 Words on Gary Brown

Gary Brown

Gary Brown hit another home run for the AAA Fresno Grizzlies tonight.  Yes, the same Gary Brown who hit .180 with 1 HR in April now has 10 long balls (7 this month), and has an OPS of 1.148 over his last 9 games.  Last season, Brown lost his status as an upper-level prospect in the eyes of many so-called prospect gurus (although many of us in Giants land didn’t think his season at AA Richmond was really that terrible).  By the end of his first month in Fresno, nearly everyone who’d stayed on his bandwagon had written him off.  Now, he’s red hot at the dish.  Brown’s always been known as a plus defender, but it’s his much-hyped speed on the bases that isn’t showing up this season (9-16 in SB attempts).

With Angel Pagan shelved for who knows how long, I couldn’t see how promoting Brown at this point would hurt a team who’s had its share of blunders in the outfield.  Juan Perez has provided a spark in only a handful of games since his promotion from Fresno, and I feel that Brown could do the same.  The Giants could send down one of their backup catchers, and essentially use a platoon of Blanco and Torres in left, Brown and Perez in center.  Crazy? Maybe, but I think the team could benefit from Brown’s speed, defense and pop.  Just something that crossed my mind.


2 thoughts on “240 Words on Gary Brown”

  1. The harm is that he’s not on the 40 man roster right now, and adding him would force the Giants to either release or trade someone, as there is no space on there right now. Also, he’s starting to strike out a storm again, he might be losing his happy stance, repeating those mechanics, so he might be losing his groove again. And Brown and Perez are both RHH, so they can share the position, but they can’t platoon it.

    Now Kieschnick is a LHH and he’s hitting OK, though not as good as last season, so that is disappointing. But to your point of what’s the harm, he would make more sense, then he and Blanco can face RHP and Torres and Perez can face LHP.

    Lastly, however, if you have two platoons in the OF, that means you have to either drop one of the two MI (not happening), one of the two C (Quoroz’s time might be up now that Hanchez is healthy), or one reliever (can’t imagine that happening if Bochy is asking for Bullpen help in the media, and I’m sure he already let Sabean know that) in order to make the roster space work, as there are only 5 bench positions with a 13/12 hitter/pitcher roster construction.

    1. I’ll be honest. I didn’t realize Brown was left off the 40-man. The Giants are a little stingier with those spots than some teams I’ve seen, but I had assumed he was on it coming out of spring training. That would definitely give Kieschnick the upper hand at this point, although I feel that Brown would be more of a spark-plug type than Kieschnick, and I think that’s more of what we need right now (look what it’s done for us in Perez’s couple of games). As for the 40-man, couldn’t the Giants send Pagan to the 60-day DL now to open a new spot, or are you only allowed so many extra spots from injury? I feel like there are a couple of other guys who could be DFA’d, and it wouldn’t hurt my feelings, but you’re right, they probably won’t add Brown at this point. It would just be very interesting to see if he could come up and produce for a while. If not, they could send him right back down…Thanks for the comment!

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